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Core Concepts

The information on this page identifies some of the concepts that guide the counseling GracePoint provides, particularly with respect to God's Provisions for our justification (eternal salvation) and also for our sanctification (healing for Christian living and redemptive service to others), but also on a wide range of other grace topics.

GOD, that he is in a support position beneath us, not just in a power position over us, that he does not relate to us in this Church Age only as a King but mostly as a Servant/Shepherd.

The Glory of God, that it is the ways and character of Christ made manifest in and through us to others, and that to glorify God means to radiate the Light of who he is into a dark world.

The Trinity

The Father


The Holy Spirit

THE WORD OF GOD, that the Logos is Christ, and the Rhema is the expression or communication of the Logos by the Holy Spirit, first to the writers through whom God gave the Written Scripture, then to us who read it.

The Name of Jesus, that it references who he is, that to pray and serve in his name means to do so in behalf of his redemptive plan, and that verbalizing the word “Jesus” has no magical power.

Body, Soul, and Spirit / Bios, Psuche, and Zoe Life

Sin (the Condition)

Sin (the behavior), that it is making choices for meeting our needs with disregard to God’s provisions for meeting those needs.



The Law, that it was not given as a standard to measure our loyalty to God with the hope of making him smile in order to win his favor, and that all God’s laws are health laws given to guide us for making wise choices which establish us in health.

Judgment and Wrath, that it was a one-time event which came upon the human race as a result of Adam’s disobedience and that it is imminent only in the sense of our "sowing and reaping" experience of it in time.

Sowing and Reaping/Cause and Effect, that God ordained the law of sowing and reaping to govern his creation.

Blessings, that God’s provisions for health and happiness flow to every person without respect of behavior or character, but only to the door of our hearts, and that the flow began immediately after the judgment which came in the Garden of Eden.

Predestination and Election


Valuable to/Valued by

Grace Resources/Provisions





PRAYER - for SALVATION/HEALING and HEAVEN, that it is does not persuade God to provide what he does not give or to give what he has already provided at the door of our hearts for us to receive, and that we do not really pray for others, but pray for ourselves in behalf of others.

REDEMPTION/SALVATION, that we are not lost to eternal judgment because of our sins, but because of the “trespass of the one man” Adam, that the judgment is not removed (forgiven) because we give up our sinful behavior, but because we receive God’s provision of Christ’s Blood shed on the cross as the only payment he will accept to satisfy that judgment, and that we can lose our salvation, not for going to Heaven, but for recovery from our brokenness (healing).

Redemption - Justification/Reconciliation/Adoption

Redemption - Regeneration/The New Birth

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

REDEMPTION - SANCTIFICATION/HOLINESS, that the new birth experience alone does not enable obedience, but only makes possible our sanctification, that it is sanctification which enables obedience, that we have no power to obey God’s Law, and that every instruction, command, and call he gives assumes our enablement (sanctification) to obey. 

Redemption/Glorification and Heaven


HEALTH and HAPPINESS, that health and happiness are intimately related, that our happiness is rooted in and flows out of our experience of Christ (health) to enable our usefulness in redemptive service to others.

Falling from Grace/Lost Salvation

Divine Healing/Miracles, that every outcome produced by God’s grace is a miracle.

SUFFERING - of Adversity/of Brokenness

Suffering - Testing/Trials

Spiritual Warfare, that Satan is at war with us, that our unmet health needs make us vulnerable to his attacks, that his attacks are limited to his wiles to tempt and deceive us, that our words do not have any mystical power against Satan, that no brokenness can prevail against God's redemptive plan/provisions/power to heal, and that we take authority over the powers of darkness through obedience to include in our lives God's provisions for our health.

Failure, that God allows it, not in order to give us opportunity to keep trying so that we can be made stronger, but in order to break us so that we will stop trying, and that it is not God’s "number one tool" to mode us into his likeness, but that "Christ in us" is.

Calling/The Call of God, that it is more than an invitation, but the effectual call to holiness by the Holy Spirit.

The Called 


The Nine-Fold Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The Spiritual Gifts

Speaking in Tongues

The Ministry Gifts

Laying on of hands, that no Divine power flows through human hands to instantly heal diseases, but is understood as leadership support to help and to hold.

Love for God, Self, Others


GRACE GIVING, that it is not to God (except of self in the sense of receiving) but from God through us to others, that we do not give in order to gain financial health, but because we have financial health, and that Old Testament tithing is religious rule keeping.

Fear of God, that it means to be in awe of God, to have deep respect for who he is, and not the same as being afraid.

Covenant - Old and New, that the Old Covenant is based on a commitment to go and give, that the New Covenant on a commitment to come and receive. 

Obedience, that it is not performance to make God happy, but making wise choices to receive God’s provisions for health - for example, to drink water.

Submit to God, that in its organic context, it means to "give opportunity for influence."

Honor God, that it means to give weight to his values and provisions.

Worship God, that it means to experience God, and that it is preceded by hearing God.

Praise God, that it means to commend him to others.

Please God, that it means to be useful to God as a vessel in service to others.

Wait on God, that most essentially it means to take time for Scripture reading in order to hear God, confession of need, prayer, and quiet-time worship in order to experience God.   

Hear God, that reading the Bible in order to hear God communicate Truth is not the same as a textbook study of the Scripture.

Pursue God, that man has a religious nature, performs works to please God, but does not pursue Christ; rather, the Father pursues us and Christ living his Life in us pursues the Father.

Worthy of God, that the Bible word “worthy” expresses measure or weight, and that it is a call for our lives to represent who Christ is in us.


The Will and Work of God, that they are God's responsibility and can be accomplished effectually only when we stop trying to do them.

FASTINGthat it is the exclusion of choices/behaviors that compete/interfere with scheduled time for daily Scripture reading (in order to hear God communicate Truth - especially concerning who he is and who we are), confession of need, and quiet-time worship (in order to experience the renewal of God's presence), that it does not mean to exclude food, exercise, lifestyle, or supplement choices which are essential/critical to support maximal health. 

Schedule, that it shuts the door to addictions and depression, and that without it, we will not consistently make the choices that support health.  

Serving/Servant/Vessel, that we are not slaves but vessels God prepares and uses, that we do not serve him, rather he serves us and others through us.

The Church

Church Ordinances - Water Baptism/The Lord's Supper 

Church Government

The Head - Parent/Husband/Pastor

SEX, that the act of sex is a gift from God, that it was not intended to serve lustful desires, but rather the health needs of another. Only as it is experienced in the way God intended does it remain beautiful and meaningful, also enjoyable.

The Vine – Root/Husbandman/Branch/Fruit





THANKSGIVING, that it is not giving something, but receiving something; that to give thanks to God means to give ourselves to him (to open the door of our hearts and lives) in order to receive his provisions in behalf of our service (giving) to others.

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