A disclaimer of sorts: The information provided here is a supplement to our counseling sessions and ministry programs. It is not an easy read (although I try), so may be best for scheduled, focused, on-purpose (rather than casual) reading.

Although the concepts presented are from a grace theological perspective, most are not mainstream or supported by other conservative, evangelical ministry resources.

Actually, it is not anyone's particular perspective that matters, but the understanding given to each of us by the Holy Spirit as we set aside the various commentaries, turn off the websites, including this one, and take extended time daily to sit quietly with an open Bible for
  • Scripture reading - in order to
  • Hear God - in order to
  • Experience Christ through confession of need and quiet-time worship - in order to
  • Manifest the Light of who he is into a dark world.
Also, high-tech designs are available to us which would give this site more flare, but consistent with our calling to provide support for healing to broken homes and lives, and appropriate to the focus and care provided by the most urgent life saving mission, our websites (the same as our counseling programs) are intensely informational.

Don Loy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective