We have some information in the Bible for understanding what Heaven is like. But we can also have some insight about Heaven from the report of what our experience of it is like here on earth. This is possible because whatever Heaven is like, it will be consistent with the eternal life of Christ birthed and nurtured in us by the Holy Spirit.

For example, all that we find rewarding, nurturing, and delightful in increasing measure through our experience of God in our hearts in this life, certainly will not change in Heaven. This means, Heaven is a place of values and purity, of rejoicing and peace, of understanding, kindness, and giving, and of knowledge, persuasion, and choices.

Heaven is a place of Relationships. The best of how we know each other here on earth will be the beginning of how our relationships will be enriched in Heaven. Absolutely the home will exist in Heaven, because the home is our opportunity to experience Heaven here on earth. My wife will be my dearest companion in Heaven because the bond that makes us one here on earth is spiritual and eternal.

Travel. We now know that the universe has no boundaries, and for eternity we will venture and explore without ever exhausting the grandeur of God's creation. Our enjoyment of the Seven Wonders of the World is only a flickering glimmer of the sights yet to astonish us during our travels when we are in Heaven.

Beauty. I am not impressed with imagery of floating angels or white castles. Heaven will not be too unlike the Garden of Eden. The colors of the rainbow are God's favorite colors here on earth and we can expect they will be also in Heaven.

Learning. We will not know at once when we get to Heaven all that we will know after we have been there ten billion years. Neither will we at once know everyone, but will meet and develop relationships with people as we do here on earth. We will not know Abraham or Moses or Joshua or David or the Disciples until we meet them. We can expect extended private talks with them, also to attend gatherings to hear Joshua tell of his entrance into the Promised Land, or Noah tell of the ark and the flood, or Paul tell of his missionary journeys. We will have eternity for all this.

Investment and Growth. I expect to run in Heaven and to increase in stamina. Although I will never become sickly, still I will have opportunity to increase in health. Some will indeed invest more than others to be stronger in their own interests. I fully expect to play golf and basketball and to increase in skill, also to keep score, motivated by the desire to improve, yet free from the carnal need to be first or to beat someone.

I expect in Heaven to pursue my love of the sciences, music, and history. I especially expect to sit quietly with an open Bible in order to hear God speak to me through The Scripture and to rejoice in its inexhaustible truths. I also expect to join in fellowship with others to share our mutual faith and experience of God.

Service. We can expect to have an occupation of service to others in Heaven, and to increase in it. I expect to write, also to teach - and with the assurance that every word will be Truth, albeit only a vapor from the vast, illimitable expanse of God's mind.

Freedom. And what can we say more appealing about Heaven than that there will be no sickness, pain, or death, no fear or anxiety, no pressures or intimidation, no misunderstandings or broken hearts, no loneliness or grief, no discouragement or disappointments, and no unmet needs of any kind.

Don Loy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective 8J31

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