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        Counseling,  AGRC

(GraceRenewal Counseling was organized on July 4, 2010 as GracePoint Counseling, A Grace Renewal Church by the adoption of a Commitment Statement, Confession of Faith, and Constitution according to Baptist tradition and renamed GracePoint Renewal Counseling, A Grace Renewal Church, on October 1, 2019, anhud again renamed GraceRenewal Counseling, A Grace Renewal Church on February 12, 2021.) 

  • is a renewal (“come and receive”) church - that is, it
  • provides counseling support for learning how to
    • Read the Scripture (in order to)
    • Hear the Holy Spirit
      • communicate Truth concerning God and our need for him and
      • call us to open the door of our heart (in order to)
    • Experience Christ in quiet-time worship (in order to)
    • Manifest his Life/Light in the community, beginning with family, and
    • Be supported for making wise choices leading to increased health and happiness;
  • does not identify its meeting place to the public;
  • new attendees enter its meetings by invitation of current members who have supported them for trusting Christ for salvation and growth in grace;
  • meets multiple times a week with different individuals or groups, usually in members' homes, for 
    • individual counseling,
    • group meetings, sometimes as small as 2-3 members, and
    • institute classes for studies in grace concepts (Institute for Studies in Grace Concepts);
  • does not charge for counseling sessions or accept donations from counselees or "receive offerings" (take up a collection) from its members;
  • is supported by churches and organizations and also by individuals (non-counselees) who give, not sacrificially out of their brokenness, but from the overflow of their abundance per 2 Corinthians 9:8;
  • does not pay salaries, but may help pastoral and administrative staff with expenses for housing, transportation, education, and professional dues; and
  • has an extended goal for its members, as they phase through its programs, to serve in a leadership role within the church or to formally organize a renewal church in their own homes supported by GraceRenewal Counseling, AGRC.  

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