Disclosure for Informed Consent

GraceRenewal Counseling provides the following Disclosure so that you can make an informed decision to engage in the counseling we offer:


GraceRenewal Counseling provides counseling to couples and individuals for 
  • Divorce Intervention, 
  • Marriage Counseling, 
  • Parenting Support, and 
  • Faith Renewal 
Phase One (2-4 sessions) support for
  • identifying the Pain,
  • tracing it to the Problem (unmet needs),
  • identifying God’s Provisions for meeting those needs, and
  • embracing a Plan for connecting to his Resources in (CreationCommunity, and especially Christ) through which those needs are met.
Phase Two (2-4 sessions) support for learning how to
  • read the Scripture (in order to)
  • hear God 1) communicate Truth and also 2) call us to receive him (in order to)
  • experience Christ in quiet-time worship (in order to)
  • be supported by him for making scheduled choices each day leading to increased health and happiness (in order to)
  • manifest his Likeness into the community beginning with family.

What to Expect 

What to Expect
  • While we support the complex treatment methods sometimes needed to meet counseling needs, GraceRenewal Counseling does not use the term “therapy” or “psychotherapy” to define or represent the counseling we provide.
  • Counselees can expect our counseling to be Scripture supported, pastoral and friendship based, and to increasingly become a teacher-student relationship for learning grace concepts.
  • In order to help maximize our time and to help assure that our specific goals for counseling are accomplished, young children should not be present during counseling sessions. 
  • Expect a 1-2 hour visit.
  • Email tschedule an initial interview or for follow up counseling. 
TIMES (Monday thru Friday)
  • Morning: 10:00 and 12:00
  • Afternoon: 2:00 and 4:00
  • Evening: 6:00 and 8:00
  • Supported by churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals (non-counselees), GraceRenewal provides counseling without charge.
  • Confidential information obtained during the pastoral counseling relationship is protected, privileged communication, and all records are stored, handled, or disposed of in a way that assures their security and confidentiality. (The limitations of confidentiality include: to prevent a clear and immediate danger to a person or persons; when child abuse is suspected or apparent; and in legal proceedings where pastoral counselors do not have the privilege.) Also, the specific content of communications with a client under eighteen years of age is confidential; however, the minor's guardian(s) have a right to receive general information on the process of the treatment.


  • GraceRenewal is centrally located in High Point at 212 W. Lexington Ave., Suite 101 (adjacent to dentistry offices for Joel A. Gentry).



Don is a licensed, ordained Baptist minister, formerly serving several churches as pastor, family ministry director, college faculty member, church growth consultant, and minister to youth. Don also has a Masters in Ministry (Church Leadership and Administration) degree from Bethany Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Christian Counseling degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary, and diplomas for completed studies in fitness and nutrition through two professional career development programs. He is a fitness runner, and since 1983, has logged over 30,000 miles. 


Carole is a true Carolina Southern Belle. She grew up on a tobacco farm near High Point, North Carolina. Mom and Dad Coltrane lived in the old homeplace for over 60 years. Carole likes to say "she stood down at the end of the driveway for 12 years waiting to catch the school bus." (Don asked her didn't it ever come?)  Carole serves as Vice President for GraceRenewal Counseling and is a long-time fitness and nutrition enthusiast and avid walker. She and Don have been married for 31 years.




GraceRenewal Counseling endorses the safety recommendations made by the NCDHHS for churches - specifically for it's leadership to ensure that staff and attendees, including counselees, are not experiencing symptoms of COVID and are either wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing from non-family members and that all meeting and counseling areas are well-ventilated, kept clean, and disinfected before each use.