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GraceRenewal provides counseling support for

  • Divorce Intervention,
  • Marriage Enrichment,
  • Parenting Support, and
  • Faith Renewal
through in-office counseling, online videos, weekly email postings, and Grace Concepts classes.


Counselees can expect our counseling to be

  • Scripture supported,
  • from a Grace theological (non-Charismatic) perspective,
  • appropriately informal and friendly,
  • for 1 or 2, two-hour sessions (with additional sessions provided in order to answer questions or provide needed clarification),
  • a teacher-student relationship,
  • focused on identifying
    • the Pain,
    • the Problem (unmet needs at the root of the pain),
    • God's Provisions for meeting those needs, and
    • God's Plan for connecting to his Resources through which unmet needs are met, 
and learning how to
    • read the Scripture during early morning quiet time worship (in order to)
    • hear and experience Christ (in order to)
    • manifest his Likeness to others, beginning in the home, then in the church, and then throughout the community, educating/evangelizing the lost and hurting according to the Commission of Christ to every Christian (Matthew 28:18-20).
While we support the complex treatment methods sometimes needed to meet counseling needs, GraceRenewal does not use the terms "therapy" or "psycholotherapy" to define or represent the counseling we provide.

Pets or young children should not be present during counseling sessions.

An Information Packet will be provided to take home and review.

Counselees are kindly asked to be punctual (better five minutes early than late).


To schedule an appointment:
  • email or
  • call 336-681-7913 (7 days/9:00-9:00)
APPOINTMENT TIMES (Monday thru Friday)
  • 2:00 / 4:00 / 6:00 or 7:00
  • GraceRenewal is supported by churches, businesses, organizations, and Friends of GraceRenewal / does not charge of accept donations from current counselees.

Westchester/Providence Place Mall 
1701 Westchester Drive, Suite 350
High Point, NC 27262 
(Outside Sidewalk Entrance)


  • Confidential information obtained during the pastoral counseling relationship is protected, privileged communication, and all records are stored, handled, or disposed of in a way that assures their security and confidentiality. (The limitations of confidentiality include: to prevent a clear and immediate danger to a person or persons; when child abuse is suspected or apparent; and in legal proceedings where pastoral counselors do not have the privilege.) Also, the specific content of communications with a client under eighteen years of age is confidential; however, the minor's guardian(s) have a right to receive general information on the process of the treatment.


Ministry Values Statement