Online Institute for
Studies in Grace Concepts
  • Five to ten-minute audio/video presentations by Don Whisnant provide introductory support for understanding God’s redemptive plan for our lives from a grace theological perspective.
  • Lectures are added regularly and archived to view on-demand. 
  • See Guidelines for Course Participation.

216: Doctrine Matters
217: The Salvation You Can Lose

Grace Leadership
307: Hemmed In

Growing in Grace
401: Quiet Time  
402: S.T.O.P.
403: Sanctification: Support for Understanding the Scripture
404: Receiving Your Way to Health
405: Support for Reading the Scripture in Order to Hear God
406: Support for Making Wise Choices
407: Sleep: A Gift from God
408: Waiting: Trusting God to Be Who He Is

Grace Concepts: A Glossary
501: Prayer
504: Worship
505: Believe
506: Blessed
508: Forgiven
509: Heaven
510: Worthy
513: Obedience

Non Curriculum
601: Out of the Depths I Cry
602: The Love of Christ Lived Out in a Hurting World 
603: O Christ, Live Your Love thru Me!
604: Christ: The Grace Solution for Brokenness
605: Suffering
606: Welcoming the Plan That Accomplishes God's Purpose
607: The True Vine
608: Nearing the End of the Church Age: What We Can Expect
609: God Himself: Your Greatest Need
610: For Me to Live Is Christ
611: Heard by An Attentive God
612: Made Alive With Christ
613: Grace and Peace
614: Support for Living in a Broken World
615: The Message of Grace
616: Submission
617: Deriving Strength from the Father
618: The Light of Christ: How the Darkness is Dispelled
619: If I Were a Goat

Grace Concepts Class
Week 8-3 
Week 8-4 WORNOUT
Week 8-5 GIFTS 
Week 9-1 FOREVER