God’s Grace Abundant Flow

Up from deep within me,
God’s Life from Heaven flows
into my heart, my soul,
fills me increasingly.

O Glory in my soul,
God’s Grace Abundant Flow
secures Eternal Life,
failed, erring ways makes right.

The Life Christ came to give,
now lives within my heart,
provides abundantly
support to strengthen me.

Once needed to be first,
now Christ is my first need;    
God’s Work within my heart
prevailed to set me free.

Once fought until I’d won,
sought praise for work well done;
once driven to succeed,
now trust God’s Will for me.
Once labored to be best,
for favor I performed;
then, heavy-laden worn,
found Christ for needed rest.

Christ’s Life in me, embraced,
makes Heaven real to me -
while here, on bended knee,
when there, full face to face.

The world about me fails
to win or interest me;
past worldly values paled,
now Heaven long to see.

On board the Gospel Ship,
by death or raptured glee,
I make my destined trip
to where I long to be.

Don (Carole) Whisnant/2019