Don Whisnant

Don has served as pastor, family ministry director, church growth consultant, college faculty member, and minister to youth. He has a Masters in Ministry degree from Bethany Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Christian Counseling degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary, and diplomas for completed studies in fitness and nutrition through two professional career development programs. Since 1983, Don has logged over 30,000 fitness miles.

 Biographical Sketch

I was born into a pastor's home, trusted Christ for salvation at age five, was influenced for full-time ministry at age 17 by R.J. Barber, Jr. at the Baptist Tabernacle in Danville, Virginia, then went on to college and seminary and to serve in useful ministry for about 15 years. However, somewhere along the way I missed learning the need to serve my wife and children. In 1983, while pastoring in West Virginia, my ministry and marriage failed. For several years, I was discouraged by my failure, but in time, I began to learn about the Father's heart for the marred vessel, that he does not throw it away, but makes it again another vessel according to his loving wisdom and in his own time. In 1990, I remarried, moved to Atlanta, went back to school, was enriched in my experience of Christ through the ministry of First Baptist Atlanta, then in 2002, began GracePoint Counseling (now GraceRenewal Counseling) to provide support for learning how to read the Scripture in order to experience Christ in order to manifest his Likeness into the world beginning at home.


Carole is a true Carolina Southern Belle. She grew up on a tobacco farm near High Point, North Carolina. Mom and Dad Coltrane lived in the old homeplace for over 60 years. Carole likes to say she stood at the same place "down at the road at the end of the driveway" to catch the school bus for each of her years in school, from the first to twelfth grades. Carole serves as Vice President for GracePoint Counseling and is a long-time fitness and nutrition enthusiast and avid walker. She and Don have been married for 30 years.