GracePoint Counseling, a Grace Renewal Church

  • is formally organized as a local New Testament church by the adoption of a Church Covenant, Confession of Faith, and Constitution;
  • is not a traditional, number-focused, open-door, seeker-friendly, everyone-welcome, come-as-you-are, performance (“go and give”) church, but 
  • is a renewal (“come and receive”) church - that is, it
  • provides support to its members (and to new converts who enter our church meetings by invitation of current members who have supported them for trusting Christ for salvation and growth in grace) for learning how to
    • read the Scripture (in order to)
    • hear the Holy Spirit communicate Truth (in order to)
    • experience Christ during quiet-time worship (in order)
    • to be supported by him for making wise choices which help establish them in health and holiness (in order)
    • to manifest his Likeness into the community beginning at home;
  • meets privately, usually in the pastor’s home;
  • does not advertise or identify its meeting place to the public;
  • meets multiple times 4-6 days a week for teaching and counseling in
    • individual counseling sessions,
    • groups, sometimes as small as 2-3 members, and
    • institute classes for studies in grace concepts (Institute for Studies in Grace Concepts);
  • does not charge for counseling sessions or resource materials or solicit donations (“receive an offering / take up a collection”) from its members;
  • is supported by churches, businesses, and organizations, and also by individuals who
    • embrace GracePoint’s Calling and Mission as their own and
    • are financially established so that, after having their own essential support needs met, they give - not sacrificially out of their brokenness but from the overflow of their abundance per 2 Corinthians 9:8;
  • does not pay salaries, but may help pastoral and administrative staff with expenses for housing, transportation, education, certification, and licensing; and
  • has an expanded goal for its members, as they phase through our programs, to serve in a leadership role with GracePoint or to formally organize a renewal church in their own homes supported by GracePoint.