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Week 16

We do not experience for our redemption (justification and sanctification) what God gives, but what we RECEIVE that he gives (John 1:12; 3:16; 15:4-5; Romans 5:17; Revelation 3:20).

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Week 15

Our health and, for most of us, our finances, are not strong enough to survive a lifestyle that attempts to outrun the brokenness and unhappiness of our unmet redemption needs, especially to experience Christ each day.

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Week 14

We live in a broken world filled with hurting, broken people, so have no reason to hope we will never experience adversity, but we have the opportunity each day during quiet-time worship to be filled to a fuller measure of Christ who sustains us in joy and peace.

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Week 13

Parents, husbands, and pastors do best to fulfill their roles when they experience God so that they can support those they serve for experiencing him.

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Week 12

We are what we are and experience what we do until God transforms us during our quiet-time worship to make better choices. 

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Week 11

The Mind of God is revealed to us in part through the Scripture. If it could be written in full, the universe could not hold the volumes (John 21:25).

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Week 10

Our natural minds can understand the Scripture as a religious (rule) book, but we can understand its message of grace only as the Holy Spirit gives us understanding during our quiet-time.

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Week 9

Truth is the Mind of God revealed to us by the Holy Spirit during our quiet time worship, without ever being exhausted or fully discovered – in this life or in eternity.

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Week 8

We can aggressively study the Scripture like a textbook in order to understand what it says but must learn to submissively read the Scripture in order to hear the Holy Spirit communicate Truth to us in order to understand what it means.

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Week 7

Sometimes adult children do not seek their parents as a support resource, but parents and children using each other for superficial pain relief (codependence) is worse. 

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Week 6

An opinion is not from God and not to be trusted that is expressed with vulgarity.

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Week 5

We can understand the message of God’s grace through resource support (leadership in the home and Church) for understanding the Scripture or be left to learn it through our experience of failure and brokenness.

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Week 4

God has given us
  • provisions for our support,
  • guidance and conviction (faith) to identify the resources through which they flow into our lives, and
  • desire for receiving them. 
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Week 3

If our experience of Christ can recover us in this life from brokenness to health, it will certainly have no less power in Heaven to increase us in perfection. In this life we have day and night; in Heaven there is no night.

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Week 2

Happiness is health, contentment, and opportunity for service.

Expanded: Happiness is not the same as feeling good or fun, or the absence of sadness or grief, but the presence of
  • health;
  • contentment – a satisfied state of mind which does not depend on recreation, entertainment, intoxicants, expensive experiences (vacations, cruises, etc.), codependent relationships, or winning the lottery;
  • opportunity for usefulness in redemptive service to others.  
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Week 1

The solution to every problem we have begins with taking time each day to experience Christ during our quiet-time worship.

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