Scripture and Songs for Quiet Time Worship

I have written several songs for quiet time worship. 

O Let’s Be Blessed Today
O Christ, Live Your Life Thru Me
For Them I Give Myself to You
My Life, Your Likeness on Earth
The Father of Compassion
God’s Redemption Plan
Provisions of Grace 
Lord, Live in Me
Trusting for Grace to Press On
God's Grace Abundant Flow
Jesus is Coming
A Vessel Broken Made Whole Again

I have written? 

No! Actually, God is the author of song (both lyrics and melody), the same as he authors other expressions, including writing and speaking, maybe also drama and art - especially when text is included - to communicate his message. This means, we are only the human instruments/vessels he calls, prepares, and uses. Otherwise, the message will not be effectual (have no eternal value) to accomplish his redemptive purpose.


Quiet Time Songs is not intended for easy listening, group singing, special music, or even singing aloud, but for hearing/reading the lyrics in your mind, quietly accompanied by the melody during private/personal quiet-time worship.

I recommend these songs to counselees as a part of the PLAN (Pain, Problem, Provisions, and Plan) to support their growth in grace (which is their greatest need) – with the following instructions:

  • Discern if God is calling (drawing) you to worship (experience him). Worship will be impossible without this calling ("No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.” – John 6:44).
  • Set aside 30 minutes of quiet time for this experience. IT IS BEST TO WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS TIME. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HURRY YOUR EXPERIENCE OF GOD (WORSHIP). 
  • View/Listen to the video with expectancy that the Holy Spirit will communicate to you Truth to support your experience of Christ.
  • Quiet Time Songs is not a substitute for your regular quiet time in the morning for reading the Scripture (the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs) in order to hear and experience Christ, but can be an addendum or for an additional quiet time in the evening.
Email me ( if you have a question or need clarification.

DonLoy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective 14H22