Jesus is Coming, Most Wonderful Day!

Jesus is coming, just as he promised!
I will be caught up, I will be transformed!
On Earth, he fills me, within he heals me,
in Heaven raptured, makes me complete.
Christ died to save me, from loss and ruin,
met my dire need for, freedom from judgment;
his Resurrection, and Life within me,
seals me for Heaven, fashions like him.

Values are changing, dark days are looming,
men’s heart are failing, in danger, fearing;
Jesus is coming, he will be faithful,
from endtime trouble, to save his own.

When I behold him, he’ll make me holy,
for him I’m waiting, pray he comes quickly!
Yet long to stay here, and to be useful,
teaching lost people, how to be saved.

Jesus is coming! I’ll be made holy,
when at the Rapture, he makes me complete!
Jesus is Coming, just as he promised!
I will be transformed! Most Wonderful Day!

Don (Carole) Whisnant/2019