Chasing After God’s Care and Attention: It is Not Appropriate or Necessary!

Indeed, God is great! His resources are great! We magnify him, not in order to win his favor so that maybe we can receive provisions from him, but because he works faithfully, purely, and sacrificially to support us for making the choices that establish us in health.

"O LORD, I will honor you highly (in the sense of giving you opportunity for influence in my life), because you have pulled me out (of the pit)." - Psalm 30:1

God is in relationship to us, not for anything we can do for him, but for what he wants us to give him opportunity to do for us. This means, chasing after God's care and attention, or his provisions, is not appropriate or necessary. We already have them! They are at the door of our hearts waiting for us to receive them.

We sometimes pursue God because we miss understanding his redemptive plan or have no faith concerning it. Or it may be that we have no experience of it - not because God has failed to provide, but because, either we have not connected (opened the door) to his resources that provide them, or the resources we are connected to are dysfunctional.

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Thanksgiving: More than Etiquette, It’s the Ultimate Expression of Our Faith

God desires only the opportunity to invest in our lives. His goodness to us is motivated by his love for us and commitment to our redemption (recovery). It is not with expectation of a return that meets his needs (because he has none). Nor is it to win our praise in the carnal way humans seek it, but only in the sense that we recognize him as the source of our health, remain connected to him for the flow of his provisions into our lives, and commend him to others.

Indeed, we give thanks to God, but it is not in the sense of politeness or even gratitude so that he is not offended with us. Rather, it is the ultimate expression of our faith (along with confession, trust, and obedience) that God’s provisions are faithful and effectual to accomplish his redemptive purpose in our lives and of our desire and commitment to stay connected to him.

This is the reason we can confess throughout the day, “I thank you, Lord, that you are right now accomplishing your redemptive plan for my life at this time and in this place.”

"O LORD my God, you are very great (because of your support to me)." - Psalm 104:1

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