The Call to Ministry

An Open Letter to Counselees: Concepts to Guide Advancing Past Personal Counseling Needs to Providing Organic Ministry to Others

Dear Counselee,

You and I will soon reach one year for our counseling relationship, and you have indicated an interest to enter into a ministry role with GracePoint. If you do, there are grace concepts/principles we should talk about which guide relationships in an organic ministry. They include:

1. Organic/grace ministries invest in those they serve, then set them free to live out God's calling for their lives.

2. GracePoint's influence may be only one among many others that God will use to prepare you for redemptive service to others.

3. I have passionately taught certain concepts, but I am not an apostle. In fact, I may be a quack! You must be true to the convictions and understanding that the Holy Spirit is giving you personally through his Word.

4. Issues regarding your own counseling needs have priority. Although you can expect to grow in your experience of healing throughout life, there is a point in time when you can be established well enough in good solutions so that you are able to move forward incrementally in service to others.

5. You should seek/investigate to learn if there is another organic ministry to which you can connect for leadership support in living out God's calling for you. Or God may call you to found a ministry as I have.

6. You can expect in an organic ministry to which you connect that, while there will be no organizational hierarchy of power positions to impose will or concepts, there will be an organic/vine leadership influence which flows from the fountain head, so that if God is preparing and calling you into a leadership relationship with that ministry, it will be with shared/mutual convictions since every member is connected to the same source. This means God would call you into a leadership relationship only with a ministry where you can find support consistent with the principles he has given you.

7. The confessions you make in our sessions (also your writings) will be a good index. If they are mutual with the concepts which guide the counseling I do, you may want to consider if God is calling you into relationship with GracePoint.

This is not all there is to talk about on the subject, but the main considerations that come to mind.

Don Loy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective 10B18

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